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Can You Name The Villains That Made Thier First Appearance During The Silver-Age

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True Identity or HintSilver-Age Villains
Emil Blonsky
Carl Creel
Negative Zone Ruler
Warlord of Atlantis
Android Intelligencia member
Karl '.....'
Wolfgang '...' '........'
Heinrich '....'
Georges '......', the Leaper
Denizon of the Negative Zone
Frederick Dukes
Frederick Myers
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Klaus Voorhees
Tanleer Tivan
Luchino '.......'
Esteban Corazón De Ablo
Victor '...' '....'
Otto Octavius
Dark Dimension ruler
Maxwell Dillon
Alien dragon
Paul Ebersol
'Devourer of Worlds'
En Dwi Gast
Paul Duval
Eric Williams
God of the Dead
Goddess of the Dead
Herbert Wyndham
Nathaniel Richards (6311)
Dr. Miles Warren
True Identity or HintSilver-Age Villains
Cain Marko
Nathaniel Richards (6311)
Wilson Fisk
Ulysses '....'
Sergei Kravinoff
Samuel Sterns
Arthur Parks
Dr. Curt Conners
God of Mischief
Predicts future with math
Giuletta Nefaria
Uses the ten power rings
Jason Wyngarde
Inhuman Royal Family
Bruno Horgan
Calvin Zabo
George Tarleton
Harvey Elder
Owen Reece
Mark Raxton
Powerfull sorcereress
Quentin Beck
Ruler of Dream Dimension
alias--Green Goblin
Leland Owlsley
Zelda DuBois
From the Microverse
Phillip Masters
Zebidiah Killgrave
Chen Li
Ivan Kragoff
Aleksei Sytsevich
True Identity or HintSilver-Age Villains
Maynard Tiboldt
'Accuser' for the Kree
William Baker
Karl Lykos
Ebenezer Laughton
MacDonald 'Mac' Gargan
Mutant hunting robots
Herman Schultz
Silvio Manfredi
Alien shape-shifting race
James Sanders
Wilbur Day
Copies powers of any being
Ruler of the Kree
Ruler of the Fire Demons
Todd Arliss
Phineas Mason
Boris Bullski
Mortimer Toynbee
Peter Petruski
Rock Troll
Andoid created by Hank Pym
Gunther Bain
Telford Porter
Ophelia Sarkissian
Adrian Toomes
Marc Scarlotti
David Cannon
Leader of Frightful Four
Dirk Garthwaite
Plan Chu

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