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Can You Name The Marvel Characters That Are From The Copper-Age?

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True IdentityCopper-Age Characters
En Sabah Nur
Mute mutant & FF member
A prime sentinel
alias--Simon Walters
Lucas '......' (Earth-1191)
Son of Mephisto
Clarice Ferguson (Earth-295)
Tabitha Smith
Nathan Summers
Bonded to Cletus Kasady
Former leader of the Morlocks
Merged with the Phalanx
Jonothon Starsmore
Brock Rumslow
Douglas Ramsey
Dr. Henry McCoy (Earth-295)
Christopher Powell
Wade Wilson
Michael Collins
Rachel Leighton
James Bradley
Neena Thurmon
X-Men's doctor
Maya Lopez
Currently bonded w/ Toxin
Manuel de la Rocha
Katie Power
Bennett du Paris
Maria Callasantos
Rusty Collins
Anjelica Jones
Trevor '.......' (Earth-1191)
alias--'The Maker'
Joanna Cargill
True IdentityCopper-Age Characters
Member of Six Pack, SHIELD
Remey LeBeau
Uses a invisibility suit
Daniel Ketch
Phil Urich
Gen X & Avengers Academy
Paige Guthrie
Steven Levins
Clone of Magneto
Jubilation Lee
Yuriko Oyama
Can negate mutants powers
David Haller
Julie Power
Arthur Parks
Miguel Santos
alias--'Lucky One' (Mojoverse)
Monet St. Croix
Julia Carpenter
Red Queen, Goblyn Queen
Restructures metal & plastic
Amara Aquilla
alias--Sarah Rushman
Jack Power
Christoph Nord
'......' Puceanu
Nathaniel Essex
alias--'Spineless One'
Dwayne & Donyell Taylor
Advanced sentinel (Earth-811)
Frank Simpson
Arkady Rossovich
Minds of Prof. X & Magneto
Director of MI-13
True IdentityCopper-Age Characters
Eugene Judd
Thomas Fireheart
Elvin Haliday
Julio Richter
John Greycow
alias--Black Queen
Gaveedra Seven (Mojoverse)
Silver Sablinova
Sinthea Schmidt
Sally Blevins
Angelo Espinoza
Robert Baldwin
Rita Wayword
Guido Carosella
Nathan Summers (4935)
Andreas von Strucker
Everett Thomas
Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
Eric Masterson
Mary MacPherran
Lonnie Lincoln
Jessán Hoan
Mary Walker
John Walker
X-Men gov't liason
Alien symbiote
A Technarcian
James Proudstar
Kyle Gibney
Nate Grey (Earth-295)
Alex Power

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