Marvel Characters beginning with 'T - U'

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Can You Name The Marvel Character's Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'T-U'?

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# of IssuesT - UTrue Identity or Hint
5,364Original Fantastic Four member
4,871Asgardian God of Thunder
1,041Original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member
819John Walker, former Avenger w/ a bionic arm
763Former Avenger with a feline appearence
544Villain Eternal from the moon of Titan
499Aquatic member of the Inhuman Royal Family
457A evil Android created by Henry Pym
457Side-kick to original Human Torch
409Daily Bugle reporter & love interest of Beast
370X-Men w/ a energy-manipulating astral form
361American-Indian former X-Men member
# of IssuesT - UTrue Identity or Hint
360Uncle to Peter Parker
350Can copy any fighting style that he's seen
309Villain who invented a liquid adhesive
296Matt Hawk, a western crime-fighter
289Member of the Wrecking Crew
280Eric Masterson, Thor Corps member
232Neal Shaara transforms into solar plasma
232Acoylte member with psionic-related abilities
215DNA was modified w/ that of a shark & Namor
213Hand assassin & enemy of Daredevil & Elektra
208British arch-nemesis of Baron Blood
200Partner of the Aborbing Man

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