Marvel Characters beginning with 'V- Z'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Name Begins With The Letters ' V - Z'?

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# of IssuesV - ZHint
James Howlett9,959
Janet van Dyne2,460
Victor Shade2,230
Rahne Sinclair1,778
James Proudstar1,524
Simon WIlliams1,382
'Bucky' Barnes1,340
Flash Thompson's symbiote1,285
Laura Kinney953
a Technarcian884
X-Factor gov't liason843
Asgardian warrior718
Dr. Strange's servent577
Nate Grey (Earth-295, AoA)565
Adrian Toomes537
Heather McNeil451
Ka-Zar's sabretooth tiger397
# of IssuesV - ZHint
Ophelia Sarkissian407
Alex Power401
Frightful Four leader389
Kyle Gibney392
Reed Richards daughter370
Dirk Garthwaite355
William Kaplan319
Telford Porter314
Savage Land Marauder302
Jacob Russoff274
Religious fundamentalist262
A ronin & a X-Men ally244
Ghost Rider spirit237
David Cannon236
New Avengers liason221
Fantastic Four ally215
Ruler of Olympus213
Sofia Mantega207
Laurie Collins202

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