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Can you name the Marvel Characters That Have Advanced Healing Capabilities?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Emil Blonsky
Warren Worthington III *
Victor Borkowski
En Sabah Nur
Hank McCoy
Eric Brooks
Hank McCoy of Earth-295, AoA
Wade Wilson
Vlad Tempes
Joshua Foley *
Charlie Cluster-7 (from meditation)
Johnny Blaze, Daniel Ketch
aliases--Green Goblin, American Son
A Morlock *
Olympian God of Strength
Bruce Banner
Daniel Rand-Kai (from his chi)
Cain Marko
Yuriko Oyama
Curt Connors
Former alias--Power Man
Theodore Sallis (from the swamp)
John Jameson Jr.
Calvin Rankin
Nathaniel Essex
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Marc Spector (from moonlight)
Vampire enemy of Peter Parker
Raven Darkholme
King of Atlantis (faster underwater)
aliases-Green Goblin, Iron Patriot
Arkady Rossovich
General Thaddeus Ross
Betty Ross
Victor Creed
Walter Langkowski
Karl Lykos, from the Savage Land
Ben Reilly
1st clone of Peter Parker
Jennifer Walters
Son of Bruce Banner
Peter Parker
Asgardian God of Thunder
Greer Nelson
Mortimer Toynbee
Eddie Brock (from symbiote)
Flash Thompson (from symbiote)
From the Technarcian race
Paul Cartier, Georges Baptiste
Jacob Russoff, a werewolf
Kyle Gibney
James Howlett
Laura Kinney

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