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Can You Name The Marvel Characters That Were Created In The Bronze-Age?

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True Identity or HintBronze Age Character
Scott Lang
Assassin of Murderworld
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Dominikos Petrakis
Helmut '....'
Daily Bugle journalist
Felicia Hardy
Eric Brooks
Jerricho Drumm
alias--Lester Poindexter
Morlock that senses mutants
Samuel Guthrie
Brian Braddock
Tyrone Johnson
Daughters of the Dragon
Piotr Rasputin
Christopher Summers
Tandy Bowen
Alison Blaire
Gamma irradiated psychiatrist
alias--'White Bishop'
Nazi scientist
Geneticist & X-Men ally
Arthur Douglas
'.......' Natchios
alias--'White Queen'
Galactic assassin
Johnny Blaze
James Hudson
Damion Hellstrom
R. Kingsley, J. Macendale
From planet Duckworld
Morris Bench
True Identity or HintBronze Age Character
Mark Milton (Eath-712)
Daniel Rand-K'ai
James 'Rhodey' Rhodes
Jonathan Hart
Android created by Ultron
Vance Astrovik
Xi'an Coy Manh
Kitty's dragon friend
Former Shi'ar empress
alias--Power Man
Ilyyana Rasputina
Theodore Sallis
alias--Mandy Celestine
Rachel Grey
Danielle Moonstar
Daughters of the Dragon
Barbara Morse
Marc Spector
Heather Douglas
Karla Sofen
Dr. Michael '.......'
Theresa Cassidy
Jamie Madrox
Raven Darkholme
'........' Prentiss
Kurt Wagner
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Richard Rider
A cosmic entity
Monica Rambeau
Frank Castle
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock
St. John Allerdyce
True Identity or HintBronze Age Character
Wendel Vaughn
Anna Marie
Victor Creed
Walter Langkowski
Ben Reilly
alias--Black King
alias-Amal Farouk
Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde
Michael Twoyoungman
alias--'Master of Kung Fu'
Wife of Ka-Zar
Jennifer Walters
Kenuchio Harada
Melissa Gold
Jessica Drew
Cassanda Lang
Ororo Munroe
Shiro Yoshida
Roberto da Costa
Tony Masters
Eternal from the Titan moon
John Proudstar
Greer Nelson
Heather McNiel
Jacob Russoff
Rhane Sinclair
James Howlett

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