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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters Who Use Battle Suits Or Battle Armor?

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True Identity or HintCharacters
His cryogenic suit emits freezing rays
Roger Bochs & Madison Jeffries (Alpha Flight)
Several different Russians have used this armor
Iron Man enemies, Doug Johnson III & Sasha Hammer
Evil genuis ruler of Latveria
Villain whose suit is coated in a slippery silicone
Iron Man enemy & Son of Obadiah Stane
Thunderbolt whose suit allows him to turn invisible
Daredevil enemy, w/ circular saws on his wrists
James Hudson, creator & leader of Alpha Flight
Former NYPD police sergeant that was a Iron Man ally
Geneticist obsessed w/ evolutionary experiments
Time-traveled to organize the Young Avengers
Tony Stark, organized the first Avengers team
Obadiah Stane briefly took over Stark Industries
Battle armor worn by James 'Rhodey' Rhodes
True Identity or HintCharacters
Peter Parker wore several different armors briefly
Time traveler and Avengers enemy
Thunderbolts member that is a former villain
Battle armor worn by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
Wears a suit of armor covered in quills
FF enemy that uses a ray to control peoples emotions
Pepper Potts, former assistant to Tony Stark
Suit has pincers & a cybernetic tail that sprays acid
Designed a battle suit that uses hydraulic stilts
Avenger that used deep-sea exploration armor
Russian battle armor worn by Gremlin & Boris Bullski
Heather Hudson, original Alpha Flight member
Spider-Man enemy that uses a flying harness
Evil genius and Frightful Four leader
Iron Man enemy that uses electrically charged whips
Jubilation Lee used armor while w/ the New Warriors

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