Marvel: Aliens--Part 1 (A - K)

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Can you name the Aliens Of The Marvel Universe Whose Names Begin With The Letters A Through K?

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True Identity or HintAlien
Leader of S.W.O.R.D.
Ruler of the Negative Zone
Leader of the Micronauts
Cyborg alien w/ the powers of Thor
Ruler of planet Baluur in the Negative Zone
Parasitic race that needs a host to breed
Master thief of Kaliklak, (Microverse)
Married the Hulk and had his two sons
Mar-Vell, 'protector of the universe', that died of cancer
Reptilian member of the Starjammers
Guardians of the Galaxy member (Earth-691)
Ruler of the Dark Dimension & married Dr. Strange
Skrull that posed as Hank Pym
Travels the galaxy collecting living beings & artifacts
Married to Vulcan & ruled the Shi'ar Empire twice
Shi'ar warrior that is a honorary Avengers member
Offshoot race of the Skrulls, Spaceknights enemies
X-Men videographer & former X-Statix member
Ruler of the Dark Dimension & a Dr. Strange enemy
True Identity or HintAlien
A living planet
Gigantic dragon that is an enemy of Iron Man
Herald of Galactus that controls fire
Galan, devourer of planets
Adoptive daughter of Thanos
Half-Kree, Half-Eternal (Thunderbolts)
Kallark, leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard
En Dwi Gast, the master of games
Guardian of the Galaxy that looks like a tree
Starjammer that resembles a cat
From planet Duckworld
Dorrek VIII, a Skrull and Young Avenger
Mark Milton, Squadron Supreme leader
Imp, from the planet Pop-Up
Runaway member w/ solar absorption powers
Made of stone & one of Hulk's Warbound members
Cyborg whose upper body is bonded to a machine
Shi'ar & a Starjammers member

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