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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters That Have The Ability Of Telekinesis?

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HintMarvel Character
En Sabah Nur, possibly the first mutant
Villain that wanted to be the Sorcerer Supreme
Nathan Summers, X-Men from the future
Sorceress Supreme that ruled the Dark Dimension
Anthony '....', Avenger, & mystic arts psychiatrist
Stephen '......', former Sorcerer Supreme
Ruler of the Dark Dimension
Bennett du Paris, Acolyte & Brotherhood member
Son of Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Woman
Asgardian ruler of Hel & Niffleheim
New X-Men that lost both his hands due to Nimrod
Omega-Level mutant & leader of The Lights
Orignal X-Men member & a avatar for Phoenix Force
'Omega'-Level mutant, Quentin Quire
Son of Professor X with multiple personalities
HintMarvel Character
Mephistopheles, demon ruler of a hell-like relm
Calvin Rankin has the powers of the original X-Men
George Tarleton, leader of AIM
Heather Douglas, Defenders & Avengers member
Sorceress and Avengers enemy
Nathaniel Essex, leader of the Marauders
Born of the consciousness of Prof. X & Magneto
Elizabeth Braddock, X-Men & X-Force member
Orginal Excalibur member & avatar for Phoenix Force
Madelyne Pryor, Sisterhood of Mutants leader
alias--Black Queen, former Hellfire Club member
A Eternal that was a member of the Avengers
Assassin and a Daredevil enemy
Former Shi'ar emperor & brother of Cyclops & Havok
Omega-level mutant member of the New Mutants

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