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X-Force: Strike Team
Warren Worthington III 
Lucas '......' (Earth-1191) 
Nathan Summers 
Former Morlock 
Scott Summers 
Douglas Ramsey 
Wade Wilson 
Cyborg from Earth-10511 
Neena Thurmon 
Joshua Foley 
Sentient ship that took a humanoid form 
Charlie Cluster 7 
Former Starjammer 
Kurt Darkholme (Earth-295, AoA) 
Eugene Judd 
Elizabeth Braddock 
Rita Wayword 
Ororo Munroe 
Telford Porter 
James Proudstar 
Rhane Sinclair 
James Howlett 
Laura Kinney 
X-Force: Cable's Team
Jessee Aaronson 
Tabitha Smith 
Nathan Summers* 
Former Morlock 
Sam Guthrie 
Piotr Rasputin 
Vanessa Carlysle (posed as Neena Thurmon) 
James Bradley* 
Nenna Thurmon 
Sentient ship that took a humanoid form* 
Charlie Cluster-7* 
Maria Callasantos 
alias--'The Maker' 
alias--'Mutant Messiah'* 
Sarah Rushman* 
Danielle Moonstar 
Theresa Cassidy 
Throws knives made of heat & radiation 
Elizabeth Braddock* 
Julio Ritcher 
Gaveeda Seven (Mojoverse) 
Roberto da Costa 
James Proudstar 

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