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X-Factor (Government Team)
X.S.E. from Earth-1191 
X.S.E. from Earth-1191 
alias--The Maker 
Devlin Greystone 
Alex Summers 
Jamie Madrox 
Raven Darkholme 
Lorna Dane 
Peitro Maximoff 
Marshall Stone III 
Victor Creed 
Shard Bishop 
Guido Carosella 
Kyle Gibney 
Rhane Sinclair 
Government liason 
X-Factor Investigations
Armando Muñoz 
Alex Summers 
alias--Lucky One 
Monet St. Croix 
Theresa Cassidy 
Jamie Madrox 
Pip Gofern (employee) 
Lorna Dane 
Julio Richter 
Gaveeda Seven (Mojoverse) 
Guido Carosella 
Son of Rhane Sinclair 
Rhane Sinclair 
X-Factor (Original Team)
Warren Worthington III 
Arthur Maddicks* 
Hank McCoy 
Tabitha Smith* 
Scott Summers 
Rusty Collins* 
Bobby Drake 
Ability to negate powers* 
Jean Grey 
Julio Richter* 
Sally Blevins* 
Takashi Matsuya* 
X-Factor (Serval Industries)
Douglas Ramsey 
Danger Room that gained A.I. 
Remy LeBeau 
CEO of Serval Industries 
Lorna Dane 
Pietro Maximoff 
A Technarcian 

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