Marvel Teams: New Mutants

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Can you name the Members Of The New Mutants?

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True Identity or HintNew Mutants
Being from the Ani-Mates
Clarice Ferguson
Tabitha Smith
Nathan Summers
Sam Guthrie
Vanessa Carlysle
Douglas Ramsey
Joshua Foley
Rusty Collins
From a ancient race of aliens
Joshua Guthrie ^
Xi'an Coy Manh
Illyana Rasputina
Amara Aquilla
Max Eisenhardt (Headmaster)
Danielle Moonstar
True Identity or HintNew Mutants
David Alleyne ^
Charles Xavier (Founder)
Julio Richter
Gaveeda Seven (Mojoverse)
Sally Blevins
Kitty Pryde
Roberto da Costa
Noriko Ashida ^
James Proudstar
Laurie Collins ^
From the Technarcian race
Sofia Mantega ^
Kevin Ford ^
Rhane Sinclair
Nate Grey (Earth-295, AoA)

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