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Can you name the Family, Allies & Core Enemies Of The Fantastic Four?

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Fantastic Four Family & Allies
Mystical nanny of the Fantastic Four 
Blind love interest of both the Thing & Human Torch 
King of the Inhuman Royal Family 
Former King of Wakanda & Avenger 
Son of Reed & Sue Richards 
Robot Mr. Fantastic created with self awareness 
Alien shapeshifter from planet Pop-Up 
Skrull that was married to the Human Torch 
X-Men, Avenger & King of Atlantis 
Father of Mister Fantastic 
Herald w/ the power cosmic that rides a surfboard 
Peter Parker, current Future Foundation member 
Femizon warrior w/ super strength from Earth-715 
Daughter of Reed & Sue Richards 
Uatu, a omnipotent being that is not suppossed to interfere w/ the daily happenings of the Universe 
Mailman of the Fantastic Four 
Former college roommate of the Human Torch  
Fantastic Four Villains
Insect ruler of the Negative Zone 
Alchemist with aspirations of world dominance 
Master of science, sorcery & the monarch of Latveria 
Army of robots that serve the monarch of Latveria 
Synthetic being given life that resembles a dragon 
Galan, the devourer of planets 
Dutch scientist whoose body is made of pure sound 
Scientist that predicts the future by considering all variables 
Inhuman that is a insane scientist 
Dwells underground & is the leader of the Subterraneans 
Owen Reece can control anything at a molecular level 
X-Men, Avenger & King of Atlantis 
Controls people by creating sculptures from radioactive clay 
Russian scientist that has 3 superpowered apes 
Kree Empire's supreme public accuser 
Skrull that has all the powers of the original Fantastic Four 
Chemist who invented a adhesive multi-polymer liquid 
Genius that wears a battle suit giving him powers 

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