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Can you name the Actors And Actresses Of The DC Comic Movies?

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Batman (original and reboot series)
Christian Bale/Michael Keaton 
Chris O' Donnell 
Alicia Silverstone 
Michael Caine/Michael Gough 
Gary Oldman/Pat Hingle 
Kim Bassinger 
Morgan Freeman 
Michelle Pfeiffer/Anne Hathaway* 
Aaron Eckhart/Tommy Lee Jones 
Batman (original and reboot series)
Heath Ledger/Jack Nicholson 
Danny DeVito 
Jim Carrey 
Uma Thurman 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Ken Watanabe 
Cillian Murphy 
Jeep Swenson/Tom Hardy* 
Tom Wilkinson/Eric Roberts 
Billy Crudup 
Patrick Wilson 
Malin Akerman 
Matthew Goode 
Jackie Earl Haley 
Jeffrey Dean Morgan 
Stephen McHattie 
Carla Gugino 
Matt Frewer 
Superman 1 - 4 and Superman Returns
Chris Reeves/Brandon Routh 
Marlon Brando 
Margott Kidder/Kate Bosworth 
Jackie Cooper/Frank Langella 
Marc McClure/Sam Huntington 
Annette O' Toole/Diane Sherry 
Gene Hackman/Kevin Spacey 
Terance Stamp 
Green Lantern
Temuera Morrison 
Angela Bassett 
Blake Lively 
Ryan Reynolds 
Peter Sarsgaard 
Green Lantern
M. Clarke Duncan (voice actor) 
Clancy Brown (voice actor) 
Marc Strong 
Taika Waititi 
Geoffrey Rush (voice actor) 

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