DC Comics: Teams: Current Justice League Members

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Can You Name The Current Members Of The Justice League Teams?

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Justice League
Bruce Wayne 
Dinah Drake Lance 
Jefferson Pierce 
Leonard Snart 
Victor Stone 
Jason Rusch 
Ronnie Raymond 
Barry Allen 
Justice League
A new recruit 
Oliver Queen 
Katar Hol 
Kal-El enemy 
Billy Batson 
Kal-El * 
Mari McCabe 
Diana Prince 
'.......' Zatara 
Justice League Dark
Alba Garcia 
Boston Brand 
Creature Commandos leader 
Nimue Inwudu 
Heals supernatural wounds 
One of the Trinity's of Sin 
Judas Iscariot 
Theodore Sallis 
'.......' Zatara * 
Gave up his divinity 
Justice League United
Teleported to Rann 
Bernhard Baker 
Oliver Queen 
J'onn J'onzz 
Courtney Whitmore 
Kara Zor-El 

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