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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With Letters E, F & G?

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True Identity or HintE, F & G Characters# of Issues
Hal Jordan2,358
Oliver Queen2,146
Wally West1,769
Barry Allen1,573
Police in Batman's city1,429
Al Scott1,290
Jay Garrick1,223
John Stewart925
Ralph Dibny692
Ronnie Raymond581
Jason Blood503
Immortal race on Oa501
Jan Arrah458
Beatriz da Costa426
Intelligent telepathic gorilla349
Phantom Zone criminal334
Friend of Wonder Woman330
Brion Markov321
Jason Rusch283
True Identity or HintE, F & G Characters# of Issues
Guardian of the Universe251
Metropolis genius scientist241
Powerful cosmic entity231
Jim Harper clone226
Rita Farr211
Metal Men member209
Immortal evil sorcerer198
Katma Tui195
Tomar Re195
Abin Sur188
Cynthia Reynolds/Mordeth179
Female Furies leader174
June Moone166
Doris Zuel160
Professor Martin Stein153
Ti'julk Mr'asz151
Andrew Nolan148
Justice League Dark member143
Lorraine Reilly140
Soranik Natu135
True Identity or HintE, F & G Characters# of Issues
Built the Fortress of Solitude131
Hippolyta Trevor-Hall126
Tomar Tu124
Daughter of a Bana Amazon121
Jim Harper120
Isamot Kol118
Wade Eiling116
Garfield Lyns116
Green Man115
Hans von Hammer112
Jose Delgado111
Dannette Reilly108
Adoptive father of Supergirl108
The Losers member105

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