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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Beginning With The Letter's A & B?

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True Identity or HintDC Characters# of Issues
Bruce Wayne7,935
Bruce Wayne's butler2,360
Orion/Arthur Curry2,029
Barbara Gordon1,678
Roy Harper1,234
Dinah Laurel Lance1,077
Ray Palmer978
Garfield Logan878
Querl Dox822
Michael Jon Carter617
Vril Dox576
Ted Kord542
Jefferson Pierce505
Al Pratt428
Led the Female Furies418
Teleported to the planet Rann407
Leader of the Suicide Squad396
Jaime Reyes351
'Man Who Broke the Bat'335
Janos Prohaska330
True Identity or HintDC Characters# of Issues
Cassandra Cain319
Charles Taine310
Duplicate of Superman306
Bernhard Baker286
Jean-Paul Valley282
French Blackhawks member264
Daniel Cassidy264
Katherine Kane260
'Scourge of the Seven Seas'237
Native of the planet Rann211
Roman Sionis199
Benjamin Turner190
Dinah Drake Lance185
Egyptian-Amazon warrior172
Challengers of the Unknown172
Terry McGinnis164
Copies superhuman powers162
Silicon based life-form161
Mysa Nal158
Mark Desmond158
Antonia Monetti156
True Identity or HintDC Characters# of Issues
Sgt. Rock's 2nd in command142
Karen Beacher-Duncan138
Greek God of war134
Bruce Wayne's pet dog131
64th Century magician129
William Hand126
Fuhrer of Nazi Germany124
Mother of Supergirl120
Son of two Atlantean gods117
Nemesis of the Chief117
Lives in the House of Secrets112
alias--'I, Vampire'109
Friend of Superman109
Laurel Gand107
Henry King, Jr.106
Princess of Gem World104
Saint Walker103
Host for Eclipso103
Larry Jordan102
'Cissie' King-Jones102

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