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Official Name
Flag Colors
Flag Colors
Flag Colors
Flag Colors
Symbols on Flag
Text on Flag
Capital/Largest City
2nd Largest City
3rd Largest City
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Gulf
Geographical Regional Term for Ancient Iraq
Part of which Former Empire
Country's Founding Year
Year of Independence from Colonial Mandate
Independence From
Current President
Previous President
Population in Millions
Ethnic Majority
Largest Ethnic Minority
Month of National Holiday
Predominate Religion
Official Language
Next Predominate Language
Type of Currency
Age of Suffrage
Internet Country Code
Possible Location of this, Based on the Beginning of Agriculture and Urban Settlement
Regional Nickname Due to its Rich Soil & Shape
Autonomous Northern Region of Iraq
Historical War 1980-1988 (both countries)
Historical War 1990-1991 (both countries)
Historical War 2003-present (both countries)
False Reason for 2003 Invasion

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