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Gross Amount/YearMoviesActor/Actress
$257,730,019 (2009)Chris Pine, Eric Bana
$213,307,889 (2002)Mike Myers, Beyonce Knowles
$210,609,762 (1985)Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd
$206,040,086 (1999)Mike Myers, Heather Graham
$204,843,345 (1991)A. Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong
$180,011,740 (2001)Mark Wahlberg, M. Clarke Duncan
$175,476,727 (2012)Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
$150,371,112 (2003)A. Schwarzenegger, Kristina Loken
$137,355,633 (2006)Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale
$118,450,002 (1989)Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Shue
$109,713,132 (1986)William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
$92,027,888 (1996)Patrick Stewart, James Cromwell
$90,759,676 (2010)Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton
$87,727,583 (1990)Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd
$84,500,122 (2006)Tim Allen, Martin Short
$75,671,125 (1994)Patrick Stewart, William Shatner
$70,906,973 (1993)Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell
$69,117,629 (1998)William Hurt, Gary Oldman
$64,038,616 (2006)Denzel Washington, James Caviezel
$63,414,846 (2009)Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams
Gross Amount/YearMoviesActor/Actress
$60,328,558 (1988)Bill Murray, Karen Allen
$57,938,693 (2004)Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart
$57,141,459 (1995)Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt
$56,832,494 (2002)Guy Pearce, Orlando Jones
$54,267,852 (2011)J. Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan
$52,330,111 (2006)Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock
$52,075,270 (2008)Jackie Chan, Jet Li
$50,287,556 (2010)Will Ferrell, Danny McBride
$49,438,370 (2009)Will Ferrell, Danny McBride
$47,852,604 (2007)Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon
$47,121,859 (2001)Hugh Jackman, Meg Ryan
$45,010,278 (2000)James Caviezel, Dennis Quaid
$44,853,581 (1994)J. Claude Van Damme, Bruce McGill
$42,365,581 (1981)Sean Connery, John Cleese
$42,273,609 (1993)Elias Koteas, Corey Feldman*
$41,382,841 (1986)Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage
$40,485,039 (1989)Keanu Reeves, George Carlin
$40,216,652 (2012)Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis
$38,371,200 (1984)A. Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton

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