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Can you name the Vigilantes From The Different Comic Book Publishers?

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True Identity & PublisherVigilante
Roy Harper (DC)
Jean-Paul Valley, Michael Lane (DC)
Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown (DC)
Bruce Wayne (DC)
Katherine Kane (DC)
Cassandra Cain (DC)
Felicia Hardy (Marvel)
T'Challa (Marvel)
Natalia Romanova (Marvel)
Eric Brooks (Marvel)
Tyrone Johnson (Marvel)
Edward Blake (DC)
Tandy Bowen (Marvel)
Matt Murdock (Marvel)
Johnny Blaze, Daniel Ketch, Alejandra Jones (Marvel)
Oliver Queen (DC)
Britt Reid (Dynamite Entertainment)
Clint Barton (Marvel)
Mindy McCready (Icon)
Helena Bertinelli (DC)
Hayashi '....' (Dynamite Entertainment)
Dave Lizewski (Icon)
Blaine Colt (Marvel)
True Identity & PublisherVigilante
John Reid (Dynamite Etertainment)
Marc Spector (Marvel)
Dick Grayson (DC)
Hollis Mason, Daniel Dreiberg (DC)
Adrian Veidt (DC)
Frank Castle (Marvel)
Vic Sage & Renée Montoya (DC)
Johnny Bart (Marvel)
Jason Todd (DC)
Tim Drake (DC)
Damian Wayne (DC)
Walter Kovacs (DC)
Ben Reilly, Kaine (Marvel)
Denny Colt (DC)
Kent Allard (Dynamite Entertainment)
Sally & Laurie Juspeczyk (DC)
Peter Parker (Marvel)
John Reid's faithful companion (Dynamite Entertainment)
Matthew Hawk (Marvel)
'.' for Vendetta (Quality Communications)
Eddie Brock, 'Flash' Thompson (Marvel)
Adrian & Dorian Chase (DC)
Don Diego del la Vega (Dynamite Entertainment)

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