Marvel: Powers IV

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Can you name the Marvel Characters By The Powers They Possess?

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Dr. Stephen '.......' 
Susan Storm 
Monica Rambeau 
Kitty Pryde 
Probability Manipulation
Felica Hardy 
Neena Thurmon 
alias--Lucky One 
alias--Lady Tessa 
Wanda Maximoff 
Astral Projection (Mind out of Body)
alias--White Queen 
Cassandra Webb 
Charles Xavier 
Elizabeth Braddock 
alias--Amahl Farouk 
Concussive Blasts
Scott Summers 
Alison Blare 
Alex Summers 
Tony Stark 
Calvin Rankin 
Geokinesis (Can manipulate the ground)
Dominikos Petrakis 
'.......' Amaquelin 
Amara Aquilla 
alias--Christy Nord 
Julio Ritcher 
Power Bestowal
En Sabah Nur 
Asgardian God of Mischief 
Hyperacusia (Heighten sense of hearing)
Matt Murdock 
Thomas Fireheart 
Greer Nelson 
Hyperosmia (Heighten sense of smell)
Hank McCoy 
Maria Callasantos 
Victor Creed 
Jacob Russoff 
James Howlett 
Power Cosmic
En Dwi Gast 
Frankie Raye 
avatar--Jean Grey 
Norrin Radd 
Skilled with a Sword
Dayne Whitman 
Wade Wilson 
'.......' Natchious 
Clint Barton 
Kenuichio Harada 
Possess Adamantium
alias--Lester Poindexter 
Silas Burr 
Yuriko Oyama 
Android created by Pym 
Laura Kinney 
Superhuman Speed
Jean-Paul Beaubier 
Peitro Maximoff 
Thomas Shepherd 
James Sanders 
Martin Fletcher 

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