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Paul Reuben1988
Timothy Dalton1989
Viggo Mortensen1991
Marlon Brando1992
Jeff Bridges1993
John Cusack1993
Ed Harris1994
Kevin Spacey1994
Kevin Spacey1995
Christopher Walken1996
Robert De Niro1996
Jeffrey Wright1996
Tobey Maguire1997
Alicia Silverstone1997
Johhny Depp1998
Ryan Phillipe2000
Don Cheadle2000
Dennis Farina2000
Jack Nicholson2001
Tommy Lee Jones2003
Naomi Watts2003
Clive Owen2005
Halle Berry2007
Demián Bichir2008
Franka Potente2008
Anthony Hopkins2010
Blake Lively2012

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