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Can you name the cities and towns of the Pokémon world?

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A fairly new and quiet town. It's a small and pretty place.  
A beautiful city that is enveloped in green year-round. 
A quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks.  
A beautiful city with flowing water and blooming flowers.  
A southern city that is bathed in orange by the setting sun. 
A small town covered in a beautiful hue of purple.  
A rich, rainbow colored city where people and Pokémon gather.  
A historic village that has become new. 
The biggest city in Kanto, shining with a golden light.  
A town used to be here until it was swept away by an eruption.  
A town where the wind blows and tells of impending change.  
A city where you can smell small flowers and a sea breeze.  
This old village is still surrounded by trees and other scenery. 
A town where people and Pokémon live together in simple harmony.  
A developing city where people and Pokémon come and go as they like.  
A city that even now bears the marks of its history.  
A city where you can hear the melody of the sea. 
A beachside city that has benefitted greatly from the sea.  
A town with a suspicious air to it. It's a hiding place for ninjas.  
A mysterious mountain village cut into a rock face.  
A town that can't be shaded any hue.  
Where things start off scarce.  
Where people mingle with nature.  
The city integrating nature and science.  
A tiny island in the blue sea. 
The port where people and Pokémon cross paths.  
The bright and shiny city of fun!  
The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass.  
A farm community with small gardens. 
An excellent place for relaxing!  
The treetop city that frolics with nature. 
Where the land ends and the sea begins.  
Our slogan: Cherish Pokémon!  
The mystical city where history slumbers. 
Where the morning sun smiles upon the waters.  
The paradise of flowers, the sea, and Pokémon. 
A small town with the fresh scent of new leaves. 
A sandy beachside town. 
The most modernized city in the region. 
A vibrant and energetic mining town. 
A town always perfumed with the sweet scent of flowers. 
An old city that shows fading vestiges of ancient history. 
This friendly city started as a place where people and Pokémon gathered. 
The temperate climate makes this town a relaxed place. 
This city was made by carving out rocky mountains. 
This city was originally founded to protect the Great Marsh. 
A town that preserves the history of Sinnoh. 
A port city that is bisected by a canal. 
A winter wonderland of a city. 
A port city that was built around the bay portion of the cape. 
A rural town whose sea breezes give the sense of something coming.  
This town offers great views due to its many hills. 
Entry stairs built in memory of a snowier climate.  
A city established in restored storehouses.  
A big city with skyscrapers piercing the clouds. 
A bustling city of entertainment.  
A port town distributing many goods, and a gateway to the Unova region.  
Vegetables are grown by the runway and transported by cargo plane.  
In winter, the city is covered with snow. 
A city of rapid change that respects history. 
A town where all honor old customs. 
A summer retreat with a beach full of people. 
A modern city of ongoing development.  
A place of nature's bounty. 
A city with a rail yard where trains park for an overhaul.  

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