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Paul walked to school at 6 km/h and rode home from school at a speed 6 times as fast. If his total traveling time was 56 min., how many minutes did he spend walking?No hint
Simplify: 9aˆ2-121bˆ2The ˆ is a power symbol. If the answer is a square, you have to just write the equation twice in parenthesis
Solve: 4yˆ4-4yˆ3+yˆ2=0For fractions write the decimal. Separate the answers with commas
Solve: aˆ3=81a For a negative use the minus sign
-5-(-I-12I)+(-12)-(-5)I means absolute value
2x-3/2xˆ3-11xˆ2+24x-18/ means divide
Factor: 3xˆ3-3xˆ2-60xWrite the answer exactly as it looks on paper.
The length of a rectangle is 3 cm. less than twice the width. If the area of the rectangle is 35 cmˆ2, find the dimensions.No periods after the cm and you can just put x instead of by.
Graphing: (-3, 4), (1, 2) Find the slope.Write the decimal, its a nice decimal too.
IzI+10=28Again I is an absolute value sign. z is lowercase and separate answers by commas.
Concrete can be made by mixing cement, sand and gravel in a ratio 3:6:8. How much gravel is needed to make 850m of concrete?Its gravel not the other ingredients.
A mass of 25 g stretches a spring 10 cm. If the distance a spring is stretched is directly proportional to the mass, what mass will stretch the spring 22 cm?No hint
A two-digit number is four times the sum of its digits. The tens digit is 3 less than the units digits. What is the number?This one is easy
The numerator equals the sum of the two digits in the denominator. The value of the fraction is 1/4. When both numerator and denominator are increased by 3, the resulting fraction To put a division symbol, use : not slash or some other means
(2+5)-3ˆ2+4/2+5x3-10Think carefully about this one.

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