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Largest network of Nazi Concentration camps; liberated by the Soviets in January of 1945
Code name for the German invasion of the USSR in June of 1941
Mediterranean island invaded by German airborne troops in May of 1941
Location of the August 1942 Allied amphibious assault on occupied France
Name given to the B-29 that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima
Official nickname of the B-17; nearly 13,000 built during the war
Island site of the first major Allied offensive in the Pacific
RAF fighter that accounted for 55% of all German losses during the Battle of Britain
Site of the first amphibous battle of the Pacific war where American casualties exceeded those of the Japanese
Normandy Invasion beach primarily assaulted by Canadian troops on 6 June 1944
Site of the last German strategic offensive on the Eastern Front and largest tank battle in history
Largest naval battle of the war; fought near the Phillipines from 23-26 October 1944
Japanese puppet state that existed in Northern China from 1932 - 1945
Location of the post-war military tribunals that prosecuted alleged Nazi war criminals
Code name of the 1944 Normandy invasion
Generic term used to describe German tanks and armor
Head of the collaborationist government in Norway; executed for treason in 1945
First commander of the Afrika Korps; committed suicide in 1944
Mountain on which six U.S. Marines famously raised the American Flag on 23 February 1945
Libyan port city besieged by Axis forces for 241 days in 1941; successfully relieved by the British Eighth Army during Operation Crusader
Codename for the British military intelligence obtained by breaking encrypted enemy communications
Seat of the P├ętain collaborationist government in France from 1940 - 1944
Site of the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe
Designator of the first class of the German elektroboats to become operational
Japanese Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet; present at Pearl Harbor and Midway
Most highly decorated general officer in Soviet history; present for the signing of the German instrument of surrender

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