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What is the only publicly owned NFL team?
Who has made the most extra-points in NFL history?
Which team has the most players in the Hall of Fame?
Name a player that wore '00' during their career.
Who has the longest name (first and last) in the nfl?
Who is the youngest head coach of the modern era?
Which is the only team to score over 30 points in a superbowl and lose?
Who holds the highest career passer rating?
What is the official name of the team formed when the Eagles and Steelers merged in 1943?
Which team is 5-0 in the superbowl?
Which team is 4-0 in the NFC championship?
Which player holds the record for most non-offensive touchdowns?
Who was the last Detroit Lion to make the Pro Bowl?
Name one of the players to play 17 games in a regular season.
What year did the AFL and NFL officially merge?
How much does a football weigh (in ounces)?
Who is the most accurate kicker in nfl history?
Which head coach holds the record for most career losses?
Name one of the people to win the Super Bowl/World Champ. Game as a player and a head coach.
Who holds the record for most consecutive games played?
Who is led the league in (non-passing) touchdowns this year?
How wide is a football field (in yards)?

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