Classic Pranks!

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Pressing the buttocks against a window in the direction of the victim
Rigging a person's bedding so that entering is comically difficult
Inserting a saliva-moistened finger into an unsuspecting ear canal then rotating said finger
Rubbing vigorously one's knuckles atop the cranium of one's brother/sister/friend
Ringing a doorbell and then running away laughing
Grabbing the waistband of the target's underpants and heaving up causing an unpleasant snugness in the crackial area
Stepping on the back of someone's shoe to make it come off and/or to trip said person
Grabbing a fleshy part of the body, squeezing, and pulling loose to make a wound similar to that of the teeth of a certain farm animal
Pulling a victim's pants down but leaving underwear untouched
Placing a victim's head in a toilet and flushing

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