Word Game: Scrabble Words that Start with Z

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Can you name the Scrabble Words that Start with Z?

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Inmate in a forced-labor camp.USSR
A domesticated cow.Found in India.
South American weevil.Destroys plants.
RHCP: The _____ Song.A mild breeze.
Course of changing directions often.Using sharp turns.
Leo is a sign of this.As is Pisces.
Bluish-white, metallic element.Used for making iron.
Moved quickly.Focused in with a camera.
Type of pasta.Tube-shaped pasta.
To kill or shoot.Cook in a microwave.
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Apex.Highest point or state.
6th dictionary letter.Greek dictionary.
Any individuals of a compound organism.Any individual produced by a single egg.
Free swimming larvae, like a crab.Has rudimentary legs.
A pointed remark.Surprising news.
A fanatic.An extremist.
Very large number.Greater than one, less than infinity.
A small belt.A small band.
Slide fastener.Usually for clothing.
Place with caged animals.Chaotic environment.

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