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Can you name the Scrabble Words that Start with X?

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Make a copy.A copying machine.
Naturally occurring sugar alcohol.Sugar substitute.
Relating to a dry habitat.Cacti, agaves, aloe.
Natural gum.Water-soluble.
Inert gas.Atomic number: 54
Three-masted vessel.Mediterranean.
Surgical instrument.Used to scrape bones.
Greek Alphabet letter.Plural!
Colorless, toxic chemical.Used to manufacture dyes.
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100th part of a Dong.Vietnamese coin.
Colorless, crystalline sugar.Wood sugar.
Abnormal dryness.Usually with the mouth or eyes.
Covered portico, garden walk.In Ancient times.
Shaped like a sword.Ensiform.
Compound tissue in vascular plants.Conducts water from the roots.
Effect of pollen on a seed.Of botany.
African ground squirrels.They have short ears and a long tail.
Originating in a dry habitat.Of a sere.

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