Heisenberg or Hal?

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Can you name which Bryan Cranston character each fact describes --- (W)alter White or (H)al?

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Fact(W)alter or (H)al
Had a job as a chemistry teacher
Is 'the one who knocks'
Lives in New Mexico
Has had the alias 'Kid Charlemagne'
Bought the company Vamonos Pest
Has a fear of snakes and clowns
Owns A1A Car Wash
Has a son with the same name as him
Fact(W)alter or (H)al
Poisoned someone with ricin
Has a daughter
Took up the hobby of race walking
Co-founded Gray Matter Technologies
His wife is named Lois
Is a skilled bowler
Has used his son to help count cards
His best friend is Abe Kenarban

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