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Can you name the order of the listed choices as they appear from west to east for each category*?

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Oceanic countries(A) Samoa (B) Vanuatu (C) Palau
Rivers(A) Okavango (B) Volga (C) Mekong
US States(A) Alabama (B) Arkansas (C) Arizona
Deserts(A) Namib Desert (B) Gobi Desert (C) Patagonian Desert
Volcanoes(A) Mt. Vesuvius (B) Mt. Fuji (C) Mt. Kilauea
Cities, by their previous name(A) Constantinople (B) Saigon (C) Bombay
Landmarks(A) Stonehenge (B) Maoi Statues of Easter Island (C) Christ the Redeemer
Airports (common names used)(A) Heathrow (B) Fiumicino (C) O'Hare
Bays(A) Hudson Bay (B) Bay of Biscay (C) Bay of Bengal
-stan countries(A) Kyrgyzstan (B) Kazakhstan (C) Pakistan
Islands(A) Galapagos Island (B) Zanzibar (C) Tasmania
Canadian Provinces(A) Quebec (B) Alberta (C) Manitoba
Seas(A) Yellow Sea (B) Red Sea (C) Arabian Sea
The Guineas(A) Guinea (B) Guinea-Bissau (C) Equatorial Guinea
Mountains(A) Andes (B) Great Dividing Range (C) Himalayas
Cities starting with unusual letters(A) Quito (B) Xi'an (C) Zurich
Countries(A) Malawi (B) Mali (C) Maldives
Lakes(A) Lake Winnipeg (B) Lake Baikal (C) Lake Victoria
Dams(A) Three Gorges Dam (B) Grand Coulee Dam (C) The Aswan Dam
World Capitals(A) Kingston (B) Kingstown (C) Kinshasa

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