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Can you name the words you get by changing one letter from the previous answer in this Survivor themed Word Ladder?

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First name of Survivor:Fiji winner
First one voted off Samburu tribe in Survivor:Africa
Last word in Joel's response to Chet saying 'I hit my head back there'
Survivor:Tocantins winning tribe got to enjoy the Charmin ____
Last man standing in Survivor:Guatemala
Survivor:Guatemala started off with an 11-mile one of these to a Mayan pyramid
Common food item in Survivors' diets
Animals associated with what Sue Hawk calls Kelly in the final Tribal Council
Fell into a fire in Survivor:Australia
Common tie breaker involves doing this to fire
The oldest man from Survivor:Thailand
Fan favorite from Survivor: Nicaragua
One may question if Coach or Philip are this
What Wanda did on the boat in Survivor:Palau
Red-buff wearing tribe in Survivor: Gabon
Survivor _____ vs. Favorites
Astronaut from Survivor: Exile Island and $1,600 shoe wearer from Survivor: Nicaragua
Another word for prohibits; what Survivor supposedly does to stealing items despite Russell burning belongings
Survivor:Heroes vs. Villains 'The Dragons' is one of these, formed at Ponderosa
Describes Ace from Survivor:Gabon
Type of move often required to make it to the end
Word that closes bidding in the Survivor Auctions
Precedes 'Survivor' in the coveted title
Last name of Survivor:Fiji winner

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