Survivors by Finish Order

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Can you name the Survivor contestant by where they placed in the multiple seasons they appeared on?

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Finish OrderContestant NameSeasons
4th, 10th
4th, 9th
3rd, 17th
10th, 2nd (tie)
2nd, 7th
1st, 1st
10th, 9th
4th, 5th
5th, 7th
5th, 5th
18th, 20th
14th, 15th
4th, 18th
8th, 8th, 16th
4th, 3rd, 17th
3rd, 15th
1st, 14th
8th, 4th, 6th, 20th
1st, 16th
10th, 2nd, 13th, 1st
3rd, 20th
2nd, 3rd, 17th
5th, 12th, 2nd
7th, 3rd
9th, 7th
11th, 2nd (tie)
2nd, 11th
Finish OrderContestant NameSeasons
2nd, 9th, 4th
10th, 6th
6th, 15th
6th, 1st
8th, 1st
8th, 3rd
13th, 19th
1st, 10th
3rd, 8th
8th, 18th
6th, 1st, 2nd
1st, 18th, 4th
7th, 2nd, 19th
1st, 11th
2nd, 10th
3rd, 2nd, 9th
4th, 13th
8th, 15th, 1st
7th, 12th
7th, 14th
7th, 7th, 14th
6th, 11th
2nd, 12th, 5th
7th, 15th, 6th
8th, 10th, 4th
3rd, 9th

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