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Can you name the order of the listed choices as they appear from left to right for each category?

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Beatles on the Abbey Road cover(A) Ringo Starr (B) John Lennon (C) Paul McCartney
Olympic Ring colors(A) Yellow (B) Blue (C) Red
Mount Rushmore presidents(A) Jefferson (B) Washington (C) Lincoln
Elements on the Periodic Table(A) Neon (B) Carbon (C) Lithium
People on the Last Supper painting(A) Simon (B) Judas (C) Jesus
Deserts (North America is leftmost)(A) Kalahari (B) Atacama (C) Thar
Simpsons on the couch in normal opening credits(A) Homer (B) Lisa (C) Bart
Images on the back of a US dollar bill(A) The word 'one' (B) Eagle (C) Pyramid
Colors on Ireland's flag(A) Orange (B) White (C) Green
US States(A) Wyoming (B) Missouri (C) Ohio
Planets (from the sun)(A) Venus (B) Neptune (C) Uranus
Chess board pieces (A) Bishop (B) Rook (C) Knight
Canadian Provinces(A) British Columbia (B) Nova Scotia (C) Ontario
Original American Idol Judges panel (from contestant's perspective)(A) Simon Cowell (B) Paula Abdul (C) Randy Jackson
Bodies of water (North America is leftmost)(A) Lake Titicaca (B) Andaman Sea (C) Black Sea
Letters on a touch tone telephone keypad(A) The letter K (B) The letter M (C) The letter S

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