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Can you name the card or board game you would be playing based on a possible score received?

Updated Oct 8, 2014

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Scoring ExampleGame
5 points for correctly guessing who was responsible for each of the 5 answers to the question 'What are you most neurotic about?', which you read from your card
3 points for having no other players guess the correct definition of 'tauroboly' after drawing that card
9 points for playing the word 'TRIVIA'
0 points for shooting the moon (but all other players receive 26 points)
2 points for writing 'Ronald Reagan' for the 'Presidents' category (as long as nobody else also put that answer)
4 points for guessing 5 correct words before the minute ran up (and after losing one point when the clue giver said a word they shouldn't have)
11 points for finding an 8 letter word in the grid of dice
25 points for getting a Full House
40 points for getting stuck with a Reverse and Draw Two in your hand
2 points for taking all five tricks after declaring the trump card
5 points for still having an 8 in your hand, 10 points for having an 11, and another 15 points for having a Skip
2 points for reaching the 31 count during play
300 points for a Coup-fourré and 100 points for playing the Driving Ace card
6 points for correctly guessing 6 of the 10 selected phrases on a card fitting the category 'Commands You Give a Dog'

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