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Can you name the whether the fact is correct for the FBI or the CIA?

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FactFBI or CIA?
The 'I' stands for 'intelligence'
Headquarters is the J. Edgar Hoover Building
Of the two, it was formed first
Part of the United States Department of Justice
Most primarily concerned with international security issues
Motto is: 'And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free'
Maintains the 'Ten Most Wanted Fugitives' List
FactFBI or CIA?
Publishes 'The World Factbook'
Has an eagle on their seal
Headquartered in Langley, Virginia
Current director is James Comey
In fiction, the employer of the Eppes Brothers (Numb3rs) and Seeley Booth (Bones)
In fiction, the employer (or former employer) of Jason Bourne, Evelyn Salt, and Sydney Bristow
Its agents might be referred to as 'G-Men'

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