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National public holiday on April 25 that is a day of remembrance A
One of Australia's most famous beaches and subject of the TV show '____ Rescue'B
Australian owned island infamous for its refugee and immigrantion detentionC
Famous hit by the band Men at Work that refers to Australia's nicknameD
James Cook's ship that discovered Australia, the HMS ____E
He identified Australia as a continent and has a university in Adelaide named after himF
Australia's longest mountain rangeG
The Melbourne Cup is a major national event in this sportH
He's known as 'The Crocodile Hunter' I
Low-cost Aussie airline that rivals Virgin Airlines and TigerairJ
This animal, along with the emu, is on Australia's coat of armsK
The political party that has produced the most Prime MinistersL
Australia's longest riverM
Famous Aussie soap opera that helped launch the careers of Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, and Natalie Imbruglia N
Follows the word 'Sydney' in the landmark that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007O
Australian city known as the most isolated city in the worldP
State home to Brisbane, Cairns, and the Gold GoastQ
Prime Minister who served from 2007-2010, and then again for less than 3 months in 2013R
A representation of this constellation is on Australia's flag and is one of the most common tattoos for AussiesS
Island state with Hobart as its capitalT
Landmark also known as Ayers RockU
Famous spread predominantly made from yeast extractV
Folk song often referred to as the unofficial national anthem of AustraliaW
Kyle Sandilands, Guy Sebastian, and Dannii Minogue have all served as judges on this TV ShowX
This valley surrounds the river in Victoria with the same name and is known for its wine industry Y
What Australians call pedestrian crossingsZ

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