The Birth of the Confederacy: Division in the States

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Can you name the Southern States which Seceded from the Union and which regions seceded again in response?

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December 20, 1860Francis Wilkinson Pickens
January 9, 1861John J. Pettus
January 10, 1861Madison S. Perry
January 11, 1861Andrew B. Moore
January 19, 1861Joseph E. Brown
January 29, 1861 Thomas Overton Moore
February 1, 1861Sam Houston (Did Not Approve Succession)
April 17, 1861John Letcher
May 6 , 1861Henry Massey Rector
May 20 , 1861John Willis Ellis
June 8 , 1861Isham G. Harris
July 4, 1861 (Autonomy from Alabama & Neutrality)Chris Sheets (State Representative)
June 20, 1863 (From the Confederacy)Arthur I. Boreman

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