Fascist Regimes

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Can you name the nations which had a fascist form of government at some period in its history?

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1910-1926Aleksandar Tsankov
1922-1943Benito Mussolini
1943-1945Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta
1943-1945Benito Mussolini
1933-1945Adolf Hitler
1932-1945Gyula Gömbös
1940-1944Ion Antonescu
1936-1941 & 1960s-1970sGeneral Ioannis Metaxas
1936-1975Francisco Franco
1946-1955 & 1973-1974Juan Perón
1954-1989Alfredo Stroessner
1932-1968António de Oliveira Salazar
1968-2003 Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr
1973-1998Augusto Pinochet

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