Numismatic Coin Grading Abbreviations

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AbbreviationTermAdditional Information
FModerate wear or many elements with heavy wear on high points. The major design elements remain visible.
PRHeavily worn; only basal detail remains.
Fr. or FACoin is identifiable, design is flat and visible in outline, and rim is essentially indistinguishable from coin fields.
XFDesign features are well defined, although light wear is evident throughout.
VFMajor details of the coin are clear although light wear is evident; the high points show moderate wear.
BU or B.U.A coin that has never been circulated and retains all of its original mint luster.
MSUncirculated Coins Graded from 60-70
AVG.A coin in unremarkable condition
Circ.A coin which has seen use
AbbreviationTermAdditional Information
AFHeavy wear on the high points and the major design elements are nearly visible.
C.Only Major Design Elements Distinguishable
Unc.A coin that shows no wear or evidence of circulation.
EFA well-preserved coin with a grade range from 40 to 49 on a grading scale of 1 to 70.
GDesign details are flat and visible in outline. Some portions of the design may be faint.
AUTraces of light wear are evident on the high points of the coin's design.
AGDesign details are flat and appear in outline. Portions of the rim are lost to wear.
VGHeavy wear flattens design elements, although major features are clearly outlined.

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