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Famous Scot
Physicist who measured the charge of an electron
President During WWI
President of the Dixieland
Author of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'
President under the Articles of Confederation
First Dancer in the White House
Astronaut with Neil Armstrong
Founded the Buick Motor Company
Economist who authored 'The Affluent Society'
1st Black President
Songwriter & Member of 'The Strangers' Band
7th President
First CEO of IBM
Author of 'Moby Dick'
Computer Business Magnate
Vice President
Famous Scot
Painted George Washington
26th President
Chemist & Physicist
22nd & 24th President
Author of 'Silent Spring'
Actress in 'The Apartment'
'King of the Wild Frontier'
Founder of the International Harvester Company
15th President
Movie Star & Actor in 'The Ten Commandments'
43rd President
42nd President
President of Texas
41st President
21st President
Famous Scot
Aircraft Industrialist
Presidential Candidate (1860)
Presidential Nominee (2008)
Aviation Pioneer
Television Host
Father of American Music
39th President
First Man on the Moon
11th President
Confederate General
27th President
Defeated at the First Battle of Bull Run
23rd President
Inventor of the Telephone
Adventurer & President of Nicaragua
Famous Scot
Confederate Army General
Union General
'Old Blood and Guts'
29th President
Physicist Credited with First Producing a Transuranium element
Black Supremacist
Secretary of State (1953-1959)
Pro Golfer nick named 'The King'
American Patriot
Frontiersman & Indian Fighter
Christian Evangelist
17th President
Librarian of Congress & Modernist Poet
The 'Great Communicator'
Cavalry Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
Actress in 'The Killers' (1946)
Famous Scot
Railroad Robber Baron
One of the Best Confederate Generals
5th President
Abstract Expressionist
'Uncle Sam'
Lawmen at the O.K. Corral
Actress with the 'Violet Eyes'
Automobile Designer
Union best Union General
Actor & Musician
Actress & Comedian on the 'I Love Lucy' Show
33rd President
Actor in 'It's a Wonderful Life'
Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell
Macabre Poet
1st President to Resign
Singer & Actor
Famous Scot
1940s Era Singer-songwriter & Musician
WWII General Nicknamed the 'Organizer of Victory'
25th President
Civil-rights Activist
One of the 'Tennessee Three'
Rugged, Masculine Movie Star
Speaker of the House & Presidential Candidate (2012)
President of Princeton University
Inventor of the Lightbulb
Host of 'The Tonight Show'
Steel Tycoon
Author of 'Huckleberry Finn'
'Dugout Doug'
Union General
First American Naval Hero

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