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Can you name the events happened in 1986 ?

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This Space Shuttle breakes apart only 73 seconds after start, all crew members are deadJanuary 28
This Haitian Dictator flees the country after popular uprisingFebruary 7
This famous Soviet and Russian Space Station is launchedFebruary 19
After ruling the country for more than 20 years, this Philippinian President goes into exileFebruary 26
This Swedish Prime Minister is assassinated on his way home from cinemaFebruary 28
This movie, produced and directed by Sydney Pollack, wins 'Best Picture' at the Academy AwardsMarch 25
The US Forces attack targets in this Country, as a response to the discotheque bombing in West BerlinApril 15
A nuclear accident happened in a Soviet Power Plant near this cityApril 26
This Argentinian Football idol knocks England out of the World Cup with the 'Hand of God'June 22
An Eruption of carbon dioxid at Lake Nyos kills nearly 2,000 people in this countryAugust 21
After beating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas, this 20-year old Boxer wins the WBC titleNovember 22

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