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Becomes curious of a make-belief world
Good with a Bow
Falls asleep by evil fairy
Hair which glows when she sings
Falls in love with a thief
Kisses a frog, but turns in to one instead
Superhero mother
Lives in a cottage with seven dwarfs
Keyblade Wielder
Pixel Princess of a candy kingdom
Princess of Ant Island
Queen of Atlantis
Has icy hands
Undercover Car Agent
Lion Queen of the Pride Lands
Trades her voice for legs
Fairy companion of flying boy
Pretends to be a man to fight for China
Stitched experiment falls in love with Pumpkin King
Explorer whom falls in love with wild man
Daughter of a mermaid
Overcomes her fear of heights
Blue Tang whom forgets her memory
Cowgirl doll
Becomes best friends with an alien
Gypsy with a heart of gold
Finds her Prince Charming at the Ball
Falls in love with an English man
Goes on a quest to save her sister
Sees good in a Beast

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