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'Just sitting here, watching our barren lives pass us by. Oh, look, a cockroach.' Season 1
'I'm just happy to have my body back. I'm thinking of getting fat.' Season 1
'I met an old man. Didn't like him. He got stuck in my teeth.' Season 2
'You named your stake? Remind me to get you a stuffed animal.' Season 2
'Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.' Season 2
'Once again, the Hellmouth puts the special in special occasion.' Season 3
'Hey, I love you. Even if you're covered with slime' Season 3
'Do guns make you wanna have sex?' Season 3
'We attack the Mayor with hummus' Season 3
'No vampires. Bunch of school kids in heavy mascara listening to extremely silly music.' Season 3
'Fine. You know what? I hope you die. Aren't we gonna kiss?' Season 3
'What, you just tripped and fell on his lips?' Season 3
'Did we not put the 'Grr' in girl?' Season 4
'Were you planning to slit my throat any time soon?' Season 4
'I love syphilis more than you' Season 4
QuoteCharacter who said itSeason
'How do you get to be renowned? I mean, like, do you have to be nowned first?' Season 4
'I think I've actually turned into someone you want around after a crazed robot attack' Season 5
'Killing things with wood? Ooh, scary vampires--they die from a splinter' Season 5
'Five-by-five? Five what by five what?' Season 5
'Yeah, I said I'll do anything. Oh, you mean, will I have sex with you? Well, yeah' Season 5
'I'm just worried this whole session's gonna turn into some training montage from an 80's movie.' Season 6
'The joint changes you. I hear they like the small ones, with little hands like their girlfriends' Season 6
'Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks, oh God! I'm English!' Season 6
'If you save the world, I'll come back, we'll have drinks. When. When, I mean. *When* you save the world' Season 7
'It's very powerful, and probably very dangerous. It has a purifying power, a cleansing power... possibly scrubbing bubbles' Season 7
'I'm very into Britney Spears' early work, before she sold out. So mostly her, um, finger painting and macaroni art.' Season 7
'Does that mean I have to be a bigger, badder badass than the source of all badness' Season 7
'We don't know much about them except for they're very ugly, and they're very mobile for blind people' Season 7
'Looks like the Hellmouth is officially closed for business' Season 7

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