Levels of the Gym Leaders' Pokemon (GS)

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Can you name the Levels of the Gym Leaders' Pokemon (GS)?

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Leader + PokemonLevel
Blue: Rhydon
Chuck: Poliwrath
Karen: Umbreon
Red: Espeon
Lance: Charizard
Brock: Graveler
Misty: Quagsire
Whitney: Clefairy
Pryce: Piloswine
Misty: Starmie
Clair: Dragonair (2)
Lance: Gyarados
Koga: Crobat
Blue: Exeggutor
Morty: Haunter (2)
Lance: Aerodactyl
Koga: Muk
Erika: Tangela
Bruno: Hitmonchan
Lance: Dragonite (1)
Sabrina: Mr. Mime
Bruno: Machamp
Janine: Ariados
Clair: Dragonair (1)
Sabrina: Espeon
Blue: Pidgeot
Janine: Crobat
Red: Blastoise
Blue: Arcanine
Janine: Weezing
Leader + PokemonLevel
Erika: Victreebel
Bruno: Hitmontop
Falkner: Pidgeotto
Jasmine: Steelix
Blaine: Magmar
Koga: Forretress
Erika: Jumpluff
Morty: Gengar
Blaine: Rapidash
Brock: Rhyhorn
Red: Venusaur
Brock: Onix
Whitney: Miltank
Jasmine: Magnemite (2)
Blue: Gyarados
Bugsy: Scyther
Erika: Bellossom
Bugsy: Metapod
Blaine: Magcargo
Koga: Ariados
Karen: Houndoom
Pryce: Dewgong
Lt. Surge: Electrode
Clair: Dragonair (3)
Misty: Golduck
Karen: Gengar
Lt. Surge: Magneton
Morty: Gastly
Janine: Venomoth
Will: Jynx
Leader + PokemonLevel
Janine: Weezing
Will: Exeggutor
Brock: Omastar
Blue: Alakazam
Lt. Surge: Electabuzz
Will: Slowbro
Bruno: Hitmonlee
Clair: Kingdra
Karen: Murkrow
Brock: Kabutops
Falkner: Pidgey
Will: Xatu (1)
Red: Pikachu
Bugsy: Kakuna
Lance: Dragonite (2)
Lt. Surge: Raichu
Lance: Dragonite (3)
Jasmine: Magnemite (1)
Pryce: Seel
Chuck: Primeape
Morty: Haunter (1)
Bruno: Onix
Red: Snorlax
Lt. Surge: Electrode
Misty: Lapras
Sabrina: Alakazam
Koga: Venomoth
Will: Xatu (2)
Karen: Vileplume
Red: Charizard

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