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In 'Do Re Mi' what is Mi?
What is tofu made of?
What does BMI stand for?
What spice comes from the dried stigma of a kind of crocus?
What delicacy is sniffed out by dogs or pigs?
Who was Paul Bunyan's Sidekick?
What Mexican artist was portrayed by Salma Hayek in a 2002 film?
If you spell out all the numbers starting at one, what is the first number to contain an 'A'?
What dog wants to 'Take a bite out of crime'?
What kind of soul was Old King Cole?
What does ROTFL stand for?
What is the road in Germany that is famous for it's high speed limits?
If Nov. 1 is Sunday, what day will Thanksgiving be on?
Who was Puff the Magic Dragon's best friend?
Ice, rocks, and sweeping are terms in what sport?
What albums did Danger Mouse mash to create the Grey Album?
How many times did Michael Jordan retire from the NBA?
Who was the first woman to win two Nobel Prizes?
What was King Arthur's sword's name?
What 1950's artist sung the song 'Tutti Frutti'?
In rock, paper, scissors, what hand will beat the scissors?
What device had the codename 'It' or 'Ginger' in 2001?
What country invented fortune cookies?
How long will a passport photo last if you are over 16?
What country is Borat from?
If you were reading someone's Miranda Rights, what would you say first?
What motel will 'Leave the light on for you'?
Where would you expect to find the Loch Ness Monster?
What mission did Neil Armstrong step foot on the moon?
What animal is on the Elmer's Glue bottle?
What was Wendy's catchphrase in the 1980's for their hamburgers?
In US Billiards, what number is on the blue striped ball?

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