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When you buy a bag of Mix-Up Goldfish snacks, what two flavors are inside?
'I'm going Coo-coo for ___'
During the early 00's, what color could special ketchup turn your toungue?
What kind of stalk did Jack climb?
Frosted Flakes has what animal as it's mascot?
Wonka makes Neverending ____
Swiss cheese is famous for having what in it?
Can you tell the item by first 5 ingredients? (Milk Chocolate,Nonfat Milk,Milk Fat,Lactose,Soy Lecithin)
When someone says 'This has sodium'. What ingredient are they talking about?
A grapefruit is what color inside?
Besides Skim, what is the lowest % of milk?
What is the name of the Wal-Mart brand food items?
Halloween sees millions of kids go ___ or Treating
What summer treat includes marshmallow,graham cracker and chocolate?
What is the 'danger zone' for leaving food in room temp?
Pringles aren't potato chips, so what are they?
What type of kitchen fire do you NOT throw water on to stop?
When you search for flavors of chips, what is alwasy paired up with onion?
What canned food does Popeye enjoy?
What country is also a meat?
Whats the term for Oreos with extra cream?
What is the main ingredient in fudge?
What is the correct spelling (English) of Kantallope
What is the term for an under-cooked steak?
What chip brand gets extensive air time during the Super Bowl?
Peanut Butter is very susceptible to what bacteria?
On an equinox, what food is rumored to stand on it end perfectly?
In a food pyramid, what is at the bottom?
Wendy's tagline in the 80's was 'Where's the ___'
What is 'Roasting on an open fire?'

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