Monster Trucks (2004-2010)

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Can you name the Monster Trucks in the New England 4x4 Jamboree?

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Crash out of Nowhere06
Fighting with Quickly Sung Lyrics05
Pedal to the Medal05
Famous Song by Steppenwolf05
Dukes of Hazard07,08
Flaming Nicholas Cage09,10
Masher of Marrow05,08
Get out of Prison05
Species Change Through Time05
Giant Lizard04,05
WWF's Ultimate....09
Quinton '_______' Jackson05
...Wrench....Giant Lizard06,08
Bad Dream07
Resistant to Gunfire05
Complete Revenge07
The Bandit in Spanish06
I'll Be Back04,05
Harm Done by Bad Weather09
LA Festival04,05
Not Max Destruction but....05,06
Paw of a Large Beast05,06
Person who Dominates05,06
Very Good Hand06,07
Type of Card Game10
Gas Guzzler O'Clock05
Young Stone04
King Arthur's Sword06
The Grim....07
Paw of a Large Beast 208
Like a Nightmare04
Make Love Not...Station.....07
Follows an Earthquake10
Crazy Rabbit05
Superman Villian10
Girly El Camino07
Caused by Opening a Burning Building10
Ozzy Osborne Beast04
USA T-Storm05
Not Good News05,06
Metal Whinney05
Superhero Ben Affleck07
WCW's Jackhammer04,05

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