Monster Trucks (2004-2010)

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Can you name the Monster Trucks in the New England 4x4 Jamboree?

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Get out of Prison05
Harm Done by Bad Weather09
Girly El Camino07
Crazy Rabbit05
USA T-Storm05
Species Change Through Time05
The Grim....07
King Arthur's Sword06
Person who Dominates05,06
Superhero Ben Affleck07
Flaming Nicholas Cage09,10
Fighting with Quickly Sung Lyrics05
Not Max Destruction but....05,06
Like a Nightmare04
Type of Card Game10
Superman Villian10
WCW's Jackhammer04,05
Ozzy Osborne Beast04
Pedal to the Medal05
Famous Song by Steppenwolf05
Crash out of Nowhere06
Paw of a Large Beast 208
...Wrench....Giant Lizard06,08
The Bandit in Spanish06
LA Festival04,05
Giant Lizard04,05
I'll Be Back04,05
Not Good News05,06
Complete Revenge07
WWF's Ultimate....09
Paw of a Large Beast05,06
Follows an Earthquake10
Make Love Not...Station.....07
Very Good Hand06,07
Resistant to Gunfire05
Dukes of Hazard07,08
Metal Whinney05
Young Stone04
Gas Guzzler O'Clock05
Quinton '_______' Jackson05
Masher of Marrow05,08
Bad Dream07
Caused by Opening a Burning Building10

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