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A Muslim or a Hindu monk(5)
A discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism.(6)
An Islamic judge (Mix around the letters of the next word to ge the answer)(4)
A Muslim tribal chief or senior official (Dumbed down clue: a q in front of 'first ____')(4)
A type of water supply tunnel found in north Africa and the Middle East. (Dumbed down clue: artificial channels for water e.g. 'Panama ___', Manchester Ship ___', except with a 't'(5)
A kind of Arabian shrub used as a narcotic...or a lazy household pet, with a q(3)
In traditional Chinese culture, it is an active principle forming part of any living thing(2)
An Albanian unit of currency(6)
19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (Think of a sympton of a cold, except with a q...and several other different letters)(4)
The traditional configuration of computer keyboard keys (Yes, this word is acceptable in Scrabble)(6)
The currency in Israel, or any of several ancient units of weight(6)
A form of sedative (Think 'Horse ____')(5)

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