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To leave, or to do the opposite of stop.
When it's really cold outside.
What you do to make coffee taste better.
Three-dimensional square of.
When you walk really fast (past tense).
A boy's first name, R.H.C.P. drummer's first name
'Yes, adult male'.
What you say when you play guitar really well, or what Guitar Hero tells you after beating a song.
Calling someone homosexual, or what South Park Guitar Hero tells you after beating the highscore.
'Oh, adult male'
'Did you make her'
A long piece of cloth worn around the neck or shoulders, usually with a suit.
Another word for a living room + a grade awarded to student's work.
Is it possible if you could ('___ ___ dig it')
What you say when there is no chance in hell that you'll do something, or what you say when you are surprised.
What you give someone if you don't have any cash
The opposite of a gain.
A cross between a type of lingerie and a zillion
When you are craving food.
'I'll see ya' or 'I'll tree ya'
When you complete something, or when you are done

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